Inspection Pricing

Home Inspection prices are unique.  The majority of home inspectors have a starting price that is usually based on the square footage of the home.  The individual property can have many features that could affect the price.  Those features could be items like:

  • Age  (older homes, even those updated, have more issues)
  • Location of home
  • 2nd kitchens or mother-in-law additions
  • Multiple heating or cooling zones
  • Multiple family units. (duplex, tri-plex or four-plex)
  • Historical Status
  • Specialized equipment  (elevators, wells, water front bulkheads, etc.)
  • detached structures  (garages, shops, barns, well houses, arenas)

There are also special issues like ferry tolls or distant properties in remote areas.

Something to be very wary of when shopping for a home inspection is a great deviation in price.  The great majority of seasoned home inspectors are within a small range of pricing.  Occasionally someone will show up with a heavily discounted rate.  If you have a lot of prices in the $375-$400 range, a $299 quote should send up red flags.  Why would a highly qualified, seasoned inspector, be 25% less than everyone else?  The simple answer is, they wouldn't.  The low price inspectors are usually new to the industry, and are trying to drum up business or maybe just trying to stay in business. 

The home inspection business is not a cheap start up business.  The initial training and licensing in the State of Washington costs anywhere from $3500-$4500.  The computers, software, tools, and specialized equipment can run from $1000 to over $25000 very easily.

The question to ask is not "How much is an inspection?"  The question to ask is "What do I get for the fee you charge?"  Not all inspectors are alike, and neither are the reports they issue.  Will you be the 3rd or 4th cheap quickie inspection that day?  Or will you be the only inspection that day?  Will you receive a torn apart carbon copy report or a computer generated report with digital photos?  Will every person inspecting your home be licensed or will it be a spouse that is not licensed doing some of the inspection as part of a "team"?

Safe Haven Inspections is my business.  I am the only person you will deal with.  No spouses, no assistants, no "team".  And that is why I only perform one inspection per day. However long the inspection takes, is how long it takes.  If you want to learn about your home, that is why I am there.  It is YOUR inspection.  Don't be short changed by a quickie inspector that relies on multiple cheap inspections per day and rushes off to the next job.  You will be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on your purchase.  Why would you want the person you hire to perform your inspection to rush?  You would not want that to happen with your Doctor.  You would not want that to happen with your accountant.  You would not want that to happen with any of the professionals you hire.  Why would you accept any less for your home inspection?

For a proper quote on your home inspection, please call me at (253) 241-0602, from 9am to 10pm.   I can guarantee you that the price will be fair, the inspection will be first rate, and your experience with Safe Haven Inspections will be satisfying.

Thank you for your time.

Stephen Stanczyk,  Safe Haven Inspections.  Washington State License #221